DSE 2131

De DSE2131 is een ratiometrische ingangsuitbreidingsmodule die 10 extra ingangen levert aan de regelmodule. Maximaal 4 x DSE2131-modules kunnen aan elkaar worden gekoppeld om maximaal 40 extra ingangen te bieden.



CONTINUOUS VOLTAGE RATING 8V to 35V continuous CRANKING DROPOUTS Able to survive 0 V for 50 mS, providing supply was at least 10 V before dropout and supply recovers to 5 V. This is achieved without the need for internal batteries. LEDs will not be maintained during cranking. MAXIMUM OPERATING CURRENT 292 mA at 12 V, 167 mA at 24 V MAXIMUM STANDBY CURRENT 101 mA at 12 V, 66 mA at 24 V INPUTS 10 inputs configurable for digital/resistive (3k ohms) 4-20 mA and 0-10 V DC



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